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Collective Body


Collective Body encourages us to reconnect to ourselves and each other through movement. The collective VR experience invites us to discover our movement identity- our signature ways of moving through the world- as a way to return to our embodied selves.

Where overuse of technology has been shown to lead to dissociation and depersonalization, Collective Body uses virtual reality to create a new, deeper awareness of our whole self.

Interactive movement improvisation, guided by narration and interactive music, invites us to move freely and without judgment. Meanwhile, our specific movement styles generate an expressionistic, visual representation of our own movement identity. A personalized visual & musical avatar incarnates this essence by evolving throughout the experience until we finally witness ourselves anew. Participants pass through five stages of a storm in the New Mexico desert, symbolizing five formative stages in human life. Five key moments in which our personal stories are written, stories that inhabit and animate each of our movements. Throughout the experience, our movements are analyzed and interpreted into a unique visual representation: our motion avatar. Each of our movements shapes, enriches and transforms our avatar, the unique virtual double that embodies our movement identity and invites us to perceive ourselves differently.

Using virtual reality, Collective Body invites us into movement and sensation to connect to our deeper self. At the same time, it illustrates a new perspective of who we are, beyond appearances, filters or untenable standards. The experience asks: how does movement shape who we are? How does our expressive body speak louder than our superficial self?

The Directors

Sarah Silverblatt

Sarah is a dancer, choreographer and educator. She moved from NYC to Paris in 2018 to perform internationally with acclaimed cirque artist Yoann Bourgeois. She has choreographed works ranging from a concert relating the music of Steve Reich with the French street art of parkour to an AR experience for the Musée d’Orsay. She has danced in commercial videos and most recently performed at the Grammy Awards with Harry Styles. Sarah also dances throughout France with Compagnie 4749, directed by François Veyrunes. She recently completed a guest artist appointment in the dance department at Barnard College of Columbia University. Sarah has written extensively on dance and worked in several major New York City cultural institutions while working as a freelance dancer.

General Informations

Directors : Sarah Silverblatt

Production Company : ATLAS V (France)

Awards : Selected at NewImages Market 2024 and Venice Gap-Financing Market 2024

Year of creation : 2024

Minimum Age : 13

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : Multi-user interactive VR experience for LBE venues

Duration : 20 minutes

Number of participants per session : 4 to 12

Equipment required : One VR headset (HTC Vive Focus 3) + wrist and ankles trackers for each
participant / Space: window shutters (or equivalent) & lighting / internet: ethernet access / equipment: multi-sockets, extension cables, table, chairs / team: hosts / docents (1 host for 6 participants)

Minimum Space : 20 m2 for 4 participants / 60 m2 for 12 participants

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