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Archi Beethoven – Sonata Form

© Insula Orchestra - Studio Popincourt

It all stems from an approach developed by conductor Laurence Equilbey. She imagines a visual representation of the sonata form to help grasp the global coherence, structure, and principles of its construction. In this way, the musical architecture, visible in the score, takes on a new reality, discernible and easily accessible by all, without violating the composer’s intention. The architecture becomes sculpture. The user is drawn into an interactive musical promenade, a sensory experience.

The Directors

Laurence Equilbey (Original Idea)

Laurence Equilbey studied music in Paris, Vienna, and London, with conductors such as Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Eric Ericson, Denise Ham, Colin Metters, and Jorma Panula. As the conductor, musical director, and founder of Insula orchestra and accentus, Laurence Equilbey’s work embodies a blend of artistic excellence and inclusive and innovative projects. Every season at the Seine Musicale, Equilbey develops stage performances with artists from diverse backgrounds, including collaborations with Yoann Bourgeois, Marie-Agnès Gillot, la Fura dels Baus, and Mat Collishaw. Her career in the symphonic repertoire led her to conduct prestigious orchestras around the world.

François Baradat (Screenwriter)

Philippe Monerris (Director)

General Informations

Directors : Laurence Equilbey (Original Idea), François Baradat (Screenwriter), Philippe Monerris (Director)

Production Company : Insula Orchestra (France)

Coproduction company : Studio Popincourt (France)

Year of creation : 2023

No Minimum Age

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : VR 6DoF Interactive Roomscale

Duration : 15 minutes

Number of participants per session : 1

Equipment : Hand Tracking / Meta Quest 2-3

Minimum Space : 3×3

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