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All Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost

(c) Mélanie Courtinat

All Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost is a melancholic journey through a ghost town made of concrete and fog, based on the testimony of a woman who refused to evacuate her hometown village after a terrible disaster. The explanation on what the story is based on is only revealed at the very end, thus creating tension throughout the experience. The unnamed threat remains inexplicably imminent, allowing the viewer to project their own personal fears.

The director

Mélanie Courtinat is an artist and art director considering video games as a major medium and focussing on their extraordinary immersive properties. Her work, crafted through the use of digital tools, results in games, CGI images and films, interactive experiences, virtual and augmented reality. As an artist, her personal work is consistently being shown worldwide in cultural institutions, galleries and museums, from Basel to Tokyo. As an art director, she works on commissioned projects for clients in the luxury, fashion, culture & music fields. Additionally , Mélanie teaches video game theory at Écal in Lausanne and frequently conducts lectures and workshops in an academic setting.

General Informations

Director : Mélanie Courtinat

Production Company : None

Year of creation : 2022

Awards : Best VR award at World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb

Minimum Age : 12

English Dubbing

Technical Informations

Format : VR

Content : 360° movie, 6DOF

Duration : 10 minutes

Number of participants per session : 1

Surface area : 1 to 2 m2

Device : Oculus Quest 2 (without controlers) + USB 3.0 cable + PC VR-ready


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