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TV5MONDE Program Highlights – April 2023

Quai des Brumes

The international French-language network TV5 Monde is showing several fantastic programs in April. The program includes premium films, a chance to discover exciting new series, fun-filled variety shows, and engaging documentaries! We’ve rounded up some of the very best must-see programs this month, get ready to immerse yourself in French culture!

Films: Special Focus on French New Wave Director Claude Chabrol

Les noces rouges—Streaming beginning April 5 

(English ST) 

Inspired by true events, a deputy mayor and a lonely mayor’s wife are having an affair when suddenly, the deputy mayor’s unwell wife dies, allegedly by suicide. 

Director: Claude Chabrol (France,1973)

Cast: Stéphane Audran, Michel Piccoli, Claude Piéplu Genre: Thriller 


Les innocents aux mains sales—Streaming beginning April 5 

(English ST) 

A pair of young lovers try to murder the wife’s drunk older husband on the Riviera. 

Director: Claude Chabrol (France,1975)

Cast: Romy Schneider, Rod Steiger, François Maistre Genre: Thriller 


Que la bête meure—Streaming beginning April 5 

(English ST) 

A man mourning the loss of his son decides to take matters into his own hands after receiving zero help from the police. 

Director: Claude Chabrol (France,1969)

Cast: Michel Duchaussoy, Caroline Cellier, Jean Yanne Genre: Thriller 


Other Claude Chabrol films streaming this month include: La décade prodigieuse (1972), Folies bourgeoises (1976), Une partie de plaisir (1975), La rupture (1970) 


Other films

Délice Paloma— April 4 at 8:30pm ET/ 5:30pm PT 

(English ST) 

Need a building permit? An escort? Mrs. Aldjéria can sort it out for you. The woman who named herself after the country will stop at nothing to survive in today’s Algeria. Her beautiful, unscrupulous young recruits help her increase her influence, and one girl, Paloma, is a particular favorite… 

Director: Nadir Moknèche (France, Algeria, 2007) 

Cast: Biyouna, Aylin Prandi, Lyes Salem 

Genre: Dramedy 

Awards: 2008 Lumiere Awards Best French Language Film Winner 


Un triomphe— April 9 at 8:30pm ET/ 5:30pm PT 

To make a bit of extra money a struggling actor agrees to give acting classes in a prison. Surprised by the theatrical talent of the prisoners, Étienne decides to direct them in a Samuel Beckett play on the stage of a real theatre! 

Director: Emmanuel Courcol (France, 2019) 

Cast: Kad Merad, David Ayala, Lamine Cissokho 

Genre: Comedy 

Awards: 2020 Cannes Film Festival Official Selection, Angoulême Film Festival Audience Award and Best Actor Award 


L’ennemi— April 30 at 8:30pm ET/ 5:30pm PT 

(English ST) 

Also streaming on TV5MONDEplus

A famous politician is accused of having killed his wife, whose body was found one night in their hotel room. Is he guilty or innocent? No-one knows. Maybe not even himself… 

Director: Stephan Streker (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, 2020) 

Cast: Jérémie Rénier, Alma Jodorowsky, Emmanuelle Bercot 

Genre: Drama 

Awards: 2020 Ghent International Film Festival Best Film Nominee


Toutes les nuits—Now Streaming 

(English ST) 

Nadia lives in the Belleville district of Paris with her son Samy and teaches French to Chinese prostitutes. Particularly committed to her work, she has developed a close relationship with one of her pupils, Mei. One night, Mei is arrested and is now in danger of deportation. 

Director: Latifa Saïd (France, 2021) 

Cast: Évelyne El Garby Klaï, Lucie Teng Duvert, Yilin Yang, Adam Amara 

Genre: Drama Short 


A good man—available beginning April 14 

(English ST) 

A couple dreams of having a baby. When Aude realizes she cannot carry to full term, Benjamin has a plan. 2020 Cannes Official Selection. 

Director: Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar (2020) 

Cast: Noémie Merlant, Soko, Vincent Dedienne 

Genre: Drama 

Awards: 2020 Cannes Official Selection, 2021 Festival del Cinema Europeo Best Film Winner


Avocats et associés—Streaming Seasons 1, 2, 3 beginning April 5 

(English ST) 

This very popular French drama series is now available on TV5MONDEplus. Set at a prestigious French law firm, the series explores a wide range of cases including divorce, inheritance, homicide, rape, drugs, and racism. All 12 Seasons are scheduled to stream soon. 

Creator: Alain Krief, Valérie Guignabodet (1998-2010) 

Cast: François-Eric Gendron, Frédéric Gorny, Cécile Rebboah 

Genre: Legal Drama 


À la Vie, À la Terre: Democratic Republic of the Congo— April 26 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT 

Original documentary series, exclusive premiere 

Previous episodes also streaming on TV5MONDEplus: 

(English ST) 


Presenter: Chloé Nabédian (France 2022) 

Genre: Docu-series

TV5 Monde Cinema: Jean Gabin, a French Cinema Giant 

Touchez pas au grisbi— available beginning April 7 

(English ST) 

A gentleman gangster and his partner pull off their last and biggest heist yet. However, when the gangster’s mistress finds out the details, things start to unravel. 

Director: Jacques Becker (1954) 

Cast: Jean Gabin, René Dary, Dora Doll 

Genre: Drama 


Du rififi à paname—available beginning April 7 

Two middle-aged gangsters attempt to run an international smuggling ring and begin looking for new hires to sneak their illegal gold across Europe. 

Director: Denys de La Patellière (1966) 

Cast: Jean Gabin, George Raft, Gert Fröbe 

Genre: Drama 


Quai des brumes—available beginning April 7 

(English ST) 

In this classic film noir, an army deserter finds love and trouble in a foggy French port city. 

Director: Marcel Carné (1938) 

Cast: Jean Gabin, Michel Simon, Michèle Morgan 

Genre: Drama 

Awards: 1939 Louis Delluc Prize Winner, 1938 Venice Film Festival Best Director Winner, 1939 National Board of Review Best Foreign Film Winner and Best Acting Winner. 


Le Tatoué—available beginning April 14 

(English ST) 

Jean Gabin and Louis de Funès join forces in this classic comedy about an art dealer who discovers a Modigliani tattooed on the back of an aging Count. 

Director: Denys de La Patellière (1968) 

Cast: Jean Gabin, Louis de Funès, Dominique Davray 

Genre: Comedy 


Le jardinier d’argenteuil—available beginning April 14 

An avid gardener and novice painter is also a counterfeiter who may need to pass bigger bills to pay off his taxes. 

Director: Jean-Paul Le Chanois (1966) 

Cast: Jean Gabin, Liselotte Pulver, Pierre Vernier 

Genre: Comedy 



Le chat—available beginning April 14 

(English ST) 

A longtime married couple despises one another. Rather than call it quits, they spend their days in a crumbling mansion, figuring out ways to make each other’s lives hell. 

Director: Pierre Granier-Deferre (1971) 

Cast: Jean Gabin, Simone Signoret 

Genre: Drama 

Awards: 1971 Berlin International Film Festival Best Actress and Best Actor Winners. 


Maigret voit rouge—available beginning April 14 

(English ST) 

 A man is shot dead in the center of Paris and the witness becomes the next target in a vendetta between American gangsters. 

Director: Gilles Grangier (1963) 

Cast: Jean Gabin, Françoise Fabian, Marcel Bozzuffi 

Genre: Drama 


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