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New Year, New Look

Photograph by Matthieu Meynier

By the Villa Albertine San Francisco Team

We’re thrilled to announce that Villa San Francisco has embraced a new identity in 2022: Villa Albertine San Francisco. The new name reflects Villa San Francisco’s involvement in the nationwide Villa Albertine network, a new cultural institution launched by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Villa Albertine San Francisco continues to invite artists to address the world’s most pressing challenges in connection with Bay Area communities, from scientists, academics, and researchers to entrepreneurs and the public, and give them the opportunity to research, create, and engage in bold collaborations.

How we got here

350 years ago, France created the first artists’ residency of modern times, the French Academy in Rome—now known as Villa Medici. A global center for artistic and intellectual residencies, Villa Medici inspired the creation of the American Academies and many other residencies around the world—including Villa San Francisco, which launched in 2020. Now, as part of the Villa Albertine network, Villa Albertine San Francisco is part of a novel villa concept that extends the residency location to the territory of residence, with a permanent presence in 10 major US cities to foster the exploration of an entire country.  

Villa Albertine San Francisco aims to lead a transdisciplinary dialogue, empowering artists to shape the future. It offers artists tailor-made support at the heart of Silicon Valley to engage bold collaborations in connection with local communities.  

Thanks to the continuous efforts of the General Consul of France in San Francisco, Frédéric Jung, and his predecessor, Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens; the French American Cultural Society; the generous founding members of Villa San Francisco, Chris and Audrey Allexandre, Dolly and George Chammas, Mélanie Desliens-Flint and Pete Flint, and Tom Horn; the Cultural Attaché in San Francisco, Sabine de Maussion; and her predecessor and project initiator Juliette Donadieu, we offer an exploratory experience for local and international artists in our vibrant and uniquely curated apartment within the Résidence de France.  

Photograph by Leslie Williamson

A villa unlike any other

San Francisco is unique across the Villa Albertine network in having its own dedicated physical space. Designed by Studio Mortazavi, it is a special space where residents feel immersed and inspired, that is made by artists, for artists and embodies the pioneering spirit of the Pacific Northwest. The art and design curation of the space acts as a bridge between France and Northern California, and features works by French and Californian creators: Agnès Varda, JR, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Jay Nelson, Yves Behar, Yvonne Mouser, and Jesse Schlesinger, among others. 

Navigating the pandemic

Through the turbulence of the ongoing public health crisis and California wildfires, Villa San Francisco re-imagined its 2020/2021 residency format to support local artists and art collectives. Overcoming the mobility restrictions imposed by the pandemic, residents awed us with their capacity to pursue their projects despite significant obstacles and create and initiate dialogue with the public, offering online events, night screenings through the Villa’s windows, studio visits, a social media comic strip dialogue, and pop-up exhibits in the public stairway. Our sincerest thanks go out to all the artists and partners who helped shape and spark this inaugural season: Candace Huey; the art collective Black [Space] Residency; Cheryl Derricotte; ALEXANDMUSHI; Scott McKinney; Summer M.L. Lee; Bogdan Pastor; Kelsey Westphal; Alexandra Cicorschi; Ashara Ekundayo and Angela Wellman; Tsungwei Moo, Cindy Shih, and Anna Sidana. 

Our expanded brand

As we embrace our relationship with the federal Villa Albertine brand, you will see a transition in our social and communication tools as we adopt the online and public presence of Villa Albertine.

Starting February 1, 2022, we will move Villa San Francisco’s online presence, including social media, to that of Villa Albertine. Be sure to follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn

We invite you to continue to support Villa San Francisco through Villa Albertine. Thank you all for your continued support of Villa San Francisco as we usher in this new chapter together!  

In partnership with

French American Cultural Society (FACS)

The French American Cultural Society (FACS) is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 based in San Francisco which supports, produces and co-produces innovative French and American cultural and educational projects in the Bay Area and beyond.


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