Young French Cinema at Gateway Film Center (Columbus, OH)

Meet the next generation of auteurs in a special series Young French Cinema at Gateway Film Center (Columbus, OH) dedicated to new voices in French cinema!

The Horizon by Emilie Carpentier

Gateway Film Center
1550 North High Street
Columbus, US 43201
April 15-19, 2022
Meet the next generation of auteurs in a special series: Young French Cinema at Gateway Film Center (Columbus, OH), dedicated to new voices in French cinema!

These young filmmakers present a bold vision and a unique perspective in today’s French cinema landscape as this young generation shares, more than ever, a global vision and an amazing capacity to combine cultural influences, which lead it to tackle an incredibly wide range of subject matters.

Robust (Robuste) by Constance Meyer (2022)
Starring: Déborah Lukumuena, Florence Janas, Gérard Depardieu, Lucas Mortier, Megan Northam

The Heroics (Les Héroïques) by Maxime Roy (2021)
Starring: Ariane Ascaride, Clotilde Courau, François Créton, Richard Bohringer, Roméo Créton

The Braves (Entre les vagues) by Anaïs Volpé (2022)
Starring: Angélique Kidjo, Déborah Lukumuena, Sara Verhagen, Souheila Yacoub, Sveva Alviti

Secret Name (La place d’une autre) by Aurélia Georges (2021)
Starring: Didier Brice, Laurent Poitrenaux, Lyna Khoudri, Maud Wyler, Sabine Azéma

Hard Shell, Soft Shell (Fragile) by Emma Benestan (2021)
Starring: Oulaya Amamra, Raphaël Quenard, Samira Sedira, Tiphaine Daviot, Yasin Houicha

Magnetic Beats (Les Magnétiques) by Vincent Maël Cardona (2021)
Starring: Benjamin Georjon, Frédéric Vonhof, Joseph Olivennes, Marie Colomb, Thimotée Robart

Above Water (Marcher sur l’eau) by Aïssa Maïga (2021)

The Horizon (L’Horizon) by Emilie Carpentier (2022)
Starring: Alexis Baginama, Doréa Natalia Da Rozalia, Niia Hall, Sylvain Le Gall, Tracy Gotoas

The Hill Where Lionesses Roar (La colline où rugissent les lionnes) by Luàna Bajrami (2022)
Starring: Andi Bajgora, Era Balaj, Flaka Latifi, Luàna Bajrami, Uratë Shabani

Good Mother (Bonne mère) by Hafsia Herzi (2021)
Starring: Halima Benhamed, Jawed Hannachi Herzi, Justine Grégory, Noémie Casari, Sabrina Benhamed

Young French Cinema 2022: Short Films 2022

Young French Cinema is a program of UniFrance and Villa Albertine that aims to bring French films that are not distributed in the US to art house cinemas, film societies, the Alliance Française network, and American universities.


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