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THE WILL TO SEE with Bernard-Henri Levy In-Person


The Will to See

Landmark Theater
Los Angeles, US 90024

April 29, 2022


On Friday, April 29, Bernard-Henri Lévy’s powerful and timely documentary on forgotten wars, The Will to See, opens in US theaters!

Bearing witness and reporting from hotspots around the world disrupted by war, Bernard-Henri Lévy explores some of the world’s most unreachable war zones and urgent humanitarian crises. From the trenches of Donbas, Ukraine to the Kurdish fighters combating ISIS, Lévy’s film has one message: pay attention and care for common humanity.  


The Will to See was an Official Selection of both the Rome International FIlm Festival and the New York Jewish Film Festival.  

Join filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy for in-person Q&As following these screenings:


Washington, DC 
Landmark’s E Street Cinema 
Special sneak preview screening and in-person Q&A on April 27.  

New York 
Quad Cinema 
In-person, evening Q&A on April 29. 

Los Angeles 
Landmark Westwood 
In-person, evening Q&A on April 30. 

San Francisco 
Landmark’s Opera Plaza 
In-person, evening Q&A on May 1. 


Watch the film’s trailer here!  

More Information about the film 

About the filmmaker

Bernard Henri Lévy is a French philosopher, filmmaker, and author. He has directed five documentary films: Bosna! (filmed in 1993-1994, during the siege of Sarajevo), The Oath of Tobruk (his diary on the battlefield of the Libyan revolution and his documented efforts to convince Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron to intervene in the 2011 Libyan war), Peshmerga (a road-movie, filmed between July and November 2015, along the 1,000 kilometer frontline separating ISIS and the Kurds) and The Battle of Mosul (during the 2015-2016 fierce combat to liberate the so-called Caliphate’s capital, Lévy was embedded with the Kurds and, then, with the Iraqi Golden Division). Three of these films were Official Selections of the Cannes Film Festival. Lévy was also one of the founders of the “New Philosophers” movement. He is a committed intellectual, known for his opposition to authoritarianism. 

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