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TV5MONDE Program Highlights – January 2024

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The Curse of the Lily © Philippe Niang / Bien ou Bien Productions, France Télévisions

January 1 - January 31, 2024

The international French-language network TV5 Monde is showing several fantastic programs in January. The program includes premium films, a chance to discover exciting new series, fun-filled variety shows, and engaging documentaries! We’ve rounded up some of the very best must-see programs this month, get ready to immerse yourself in French culture!

TV5 Monde


L’ibis rouge January 16 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT

Also streaming on TV5MONDEplus.

(English ST)

Jérémie, an unassuming employee, strangles women on their own, using an ibis-embroidered scarf. Zizi, newspaper seller, tells all his customers that he’s the murderer. Meanwhile, Raymond, an inveterate drunkard, tries to persuade his wife Evelyne to help him pay off a large gambling debt.

Director: Jean-Pierre Mocky (France,1974)

Cast: Michel Simon, Michel Serrault, Evelyne Buyle, Michel Galabru

Genre: Comedy

Y a-t-il un Français dans la salle ? January 23 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT

(English ST)

When Horace Tumelat, former minister, leader of a political party, learns of the death of his uncle Eusèbe, he immediately rushes to the latter’s home. He soon realises that a compromising letter has disappeared, a letter that could well ruin his career…

Director: Jean-Pierre Mocky (France,1982)

Cast: Victor Lanoux, Jacques Dutronc, Jacqueline Maillan

Genre: Comedy

La malédiction du Lys January 26 at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT

(English ST)

A man has been murdered based on a ritual reserved, two centuries earlier, for runaway black slaves. His close allies come from prominent Bordeaux families with a shady past during the slave trade. Captain Lacoste and Lieutenant Rosy will have to join forces to investigate this case.

Director: Philippe Niang (France,2023)

Cast: Erika Sainte, David Baïot, Christophe Favre, Jeanne Bournaud

Genre: Thriller


OPJ — Sundays starting January 7 at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT

Season 4 premiere

(English ST)

There’s a tense situation at the industrial port of La Réunion. One of the security guards has laid explosives in a container. Is this ex-serviceman suffering from PTSD or is he just a father under pressure, trying to help his daughter?

Director: Florian Thomas, François Bigrat, Elsa Blayau, Marine Hervé (France, 2022)

Cast: Yaëlle Trulès, Antoine Stip, Nathan Dellemme, Marielle Karabeu, Lisa Do Couto Teixeira

Genre: Political thriller


Skate le monde — Tuesdays, starting January 2 at 3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT

Also streaming on TV5MONDEplus.

(English ST)

Skateboarders form a varied community, whose sense of kinship transcends traditional cultural boundaries. Mathieu Cyr travels the world to meet them.

Director: Mathieu Fontaine (Canada, 2020)

Genre: Documentary series

Le rugby est une fête — January 5 at 3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT

(English ST)

2 June 1963. Dax face Mont-de-Marsan in the final of the French championship. This ‘all-Landes derby’ features live television commentary by Roger Couderc. We look back on one of the most flamboyant highlights from French rugby, a match which still evokes strong memories from players and supporters.

Director: Christophe Duchiron (France, 2021)

Genre: Sports Documentary

La longue remontée — January 31 at 3:00pm ET/12:00pm PT

Also streaming on TV5MONDEplus.

(English ST)

Waking up in a hospital bed completely paralyzed, having one or several limbs amputated after a serious workplace accident or going blind overnight are all events which befell Sabryna, Mathieu, Dominic and Mandir. These four survivors share their stories.

Director: Karina Marceau (Canada, 2020)

Genre: Documentary series

TV5 Monde Plus


Le party — Streaming beginning January 3

(English ST)

A group of variety artists gives a show at the old St-Vincent-de-Paul penitentiary. Men and women meet in an iron and cement cage. For a few hours, three hundred prisoners try to forget hell.

Director: Pierre Falardeau (Canada, 1990)

Cast: Charlotte Laurier, Benoît Dagenais, Julien Poulin

Genre: Drama


Les mecsNow streaming season 1.

Martin, Étienne, Christian and Simon, true best friends forever, have now reached the age of doubt and self-questioning. Despite their everyday problems they try as best they can to take their lives in hand.

Director: Ricardo Trogi (Canada, 2021)

Cast: Christian Bégin, Alexis Martin, Normand Daneau, Yanic Truesdale

Genre: Dramedy


Sur les mursNow streaming season 3.

(English ST)

Urban culture in the company of Richard Orlinski! From Paris to New York, from London to Miami, the famous “rule-breaker” offers an immersion in artistic life and a host of fascinating discoveries. Each episode includes an original interview with a French-speaking street artist and the creation of a joint work.

Director: Matthieu Valluet, Nathan Houée (France, 2023)

Host: Richard OrlinskiGenre: Documentary series

TV5 Monde Cinema

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The film selection will be unveiled starting January 9, 2024 after UniFrance’s online press conference.

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