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The Sixth Annual Pearson Global Forum



The David Rubenstein Forum at the University of Chicago
1201 E 60th St
Chicago, IL, 60637

October 20, 2023 | 8am-6pm


The Pearson Institute is hosting its sixth annual global forum and will feature former French Ambassador to Iran Philippe Thiébaud.

A thin line divides human realities. The fundamental desire for simple human existence remains the same, yet reality is dramatically disparate for many. Existing disparity is sending ripple effects throughout the world as we grapple with refugees of war and climate, despotic governments, and both new and protracted global conflicts. As the international community continues to deal with dozens of active conflicts, and the quickly shifting relationships between and among nations, it is essential to find paths towards resolution, peace, and stability.

The Pearson Institute’s mission is to convene international leaders and world-renowned academics at The Pearson Global Forum to explore rigorous research and analysis to influence solutions, strategies, and policies for reducing and mitigating conflict to achieve a more peaceful world.

Former French Ambassador to Iran (2019-2022) Philippe Thiébaud will join Iranian journalist & activist Masih Alinejad and Suzanne Maloney Vice President and Director of the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution for a talk on The Iranian Future moderated by Mary Louise Kelly, Host of All Things Considered on NPR.

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