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The Golden Ball (Le Ballon d’or) | D.C. Screening


The Golden Ball © Rialto Pictures

Anacostia Park Field 7
Washington, D.C.

Thursday, June 13, 2024 | 8:45pm


Thursday, June 13 | Anacostia Park Field 7

The Golden Ball (Le Ballon d’or)
Directed by Cheik Doukouré 
With Salif Keïta, Agnès Soral, Aboucar Sidiki Soumah, and Habib Hammoud 
1994, Comedy-Drama, 1h33, France-Guinea, courtesy of Rialto Pictures

In the heart of Guinea, 12-year-old Bandian, known as “Turbo Makono” for his lightning speed, dreams of soccer stardom. Gifted a genuine leather ball by a visiting French doctor, Bandian’s journey kicks off as he flees to Conakry, the capital. There, his remarkable talent catches the eye of scouts, propelling him onto the national team. With his eyes set on the horizon, Bandian is determined to chase his soccer dreams to the fullest. 

Film in French and Malinké with English subtitles. 
Free and open to the public. Registration is encouraged.

Presented in partnership with Anacostia Park.

Films on the Green is back, presenting a lineup of free screenings across D.C. parks from May 30 to June 25, 2024. This year, we’re exploring the thrilling intersection of sports and cinema, showcasing four captivating films that embody the spirit of athleticism, competition, and triumph. From soccer to swimming and tennis to cycling, join us for an unforgettable summer of cinematic excitement under the stars!

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