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The Five Missing Rings


"The Five Missing Rings" (c) Marc Wolters, Compagnie La Baguette, Tullio Cipriano, Léa Marcilloux

Maison Française - Villa Albertine
4101 Reservoir Road
Washington D.C., United States 20007

February 17 - February 17, 2024


As the 2024 Paris Olympics draws near, the French Embassy in Washington is thrilled to host performances of “The Five Missing Rings.”

IMPORTANT: The performance on Friday at 6:30 has been canceled.

A family-friendly play, translated from French to English for limited-time performances, “The Five Missing Rings” celebrates the Olympics spirit, teaching children that true victory lies in unity, respect, and camaraderie.

“The Five Missing Rings” is an engaging children’s play that immerses audiences in the exciting world of the Olympic Games. Adapted from the French play “Les Cinq Anneaux Perdus,” it is endorsed by the Cultural Olympiad Paris 2024. The story revolves around two children, Charlie, a daring girl, and Camille, a fearless boy, who embark on an extraordinary adventure to recover missing rings. Throughout their journey, they encounter iconic characters from various sports and para-sports disciplines, who assist them in their quest.

In each unfolding act of the play, the young actors glean valuable lessons about friendship, perseverance, determination, and respect while striving to retrieve the rings to safeguard the Olympic ideal. It’s an unforgettable theatrical experience that inspires a passion for sports and teamwork in young audiences.

With Tullio Cipriano and Léa Marcilloux, artistic direction by Marc Wolters.

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