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The Bridge #2.10 | Exploratory Trip | On Tour in the Midwest


Sylvain Lemêtre, Nick Mazzarella, Time Stine, Katie Ernst, Céline Rivoval.

Multiple Locations
Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee, Iowa City,

April 16-29, 2024


The Bridge, a transatlantic network of French and American jazz and creative musicians, is back for a new tour in the Midwest ! They will be performing in Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee and Iowa City with special guests.

The spring’s cohort (#2.10) features a diverse lineup of talented musicians, including renowned American artists Nick Mazarella (alto saxophone), Tim Stine (guitar), and Katie Ernst (double bass, vocals), alongside French musicians Céline Rivoal (accordion) and Sylvain Lemêtre (drums, percussion).

Nick Mazarella and Tim Stine, both prominent figures in the Chicago music scene, bring their expertise in jazz and improvised music, showcasing their consistent presence and active involvement in the vibrant musical community of Chicago.

Katie Ernst, celebrated for her poetic adaptation of Dorothy Parker’s poems into a song cycle, brings her unique blend of double bass and vocal talents, earning widespread critical acclaim for her innovative approach to music and poetry.

Joining them are French musicians Céline Rivoal, known for her involvement in improvised music and her skillful accordion playing, and Sylvain Lemêtre, an eclectic percussionist renowned for his capacity for innovation and improvisation.

With such a talented lineup and top-quality guests, this cohort promises to deliver captivating performances and collaborations that showcase the diverse talents and styles of these musicians from both sides of the Atlantic.


Exploratory trip – Chicago & Midwest – April 2024

04/16 – The Promontory, Chicago (7 pm)

04/17 – Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago (7 pm)

04/18 – Doug Fogelson Studio, Chicago (8 pm)

04/19 – Constellation, Chicago (8 pm)

04/20 – ProMusica, Chicago (6 pm)

04/21 – Hungry Brain, Chicago (9 pm)

04/22 – AIRMW Cultural Hub, Chicago (6 pm)

04/23 – Pleiade Series @Elastic Arts (8 pm) & The Hideout (8:30 pm) – Chicago

04/24 – The Whistler, Chicago (9 pm)

04/25 – Improvised Music Series @ Elastic Arts, Chicago (8:30 pm)

04/26 – Comfort Station (7 pm) & Theatre Y (7pm) – Chicago

04/27 – BlueStem Jazz @ Audio for the Arts, Madison (8 pm)

04/28 – Alternating Current Live Series @ Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee (8 pm)

04/29 – The University of Iowa School of Music, Iowa (7 pm)

The project Bridge 2.10 has been made possible through Jazz & New Music fund, a program of Villa Albertine and Albertine Foundation, in partnership with the French Embassy in the United States with support from the French Ministry of Culture, Institut français, SACEM (Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique) and the CNM (Centre National de la Musique).

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