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Podcasting Party by Villa Albertine – Session 1: Voicing Feminism


(c) Willy Somma/Penguin Random House

Villa Albertine Headquarters
972 Fifth Avenue

April 12, 2024 | 6:50 pm


On April 12, join longtime This American Life staffer Susan Burton for a special conversation on feminism in broadcasting as part of Villa Albertine’s Podcast Party.

Through “Voicing Feminism,” Susan Burton discusses the wave of feminist podcasts and how podcasts have participated in the emergence of a new generation of feminists. 

Susan Burton is the host, writer, reporter, and co-producer of The Retrievals, a podcast series from Serial Productions and the New York Times. The Retrievals was named the #1 podcast of 2023 by TIME and New York Magazine. Susan is also the author of the memoir Empty, which was published by Random House in 2020, and tells the story of the eating disorder she kept secret for decades. She is a longtime producer of This American Life, where she has made some of the show’s most memorable stories about the lives and experiences of women. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Slate, The New Yorker, and more, and she is a former editor of Harper’s. She lives in Brooklyn.

About the Podcasting Party by Villa Albertine

With the support of Albertine Foundation and our Sounds of New York partners, Villa Albertine will host a special Podcasting Party on April 12, featuring a variety of discussions and activities exploring questions of identity and representation within the French and American podcast communities.

From an in-depth look at the podcast projects of French participants of the Sounds of New York masterclass program to live experimental music and voguing, the event offers something for everyone.

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