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Opening of “Strange Fruits,” A New Exhibition at Coral Gables Museum


Coral Gables Museum
285 Aragon Ave
FL 33134

November 30, 2023 - April 28, 2024

From November 30, 2023, to April 28, 2024, the Coral Gables Museum hosts the solo show Strange Fruits, a selection of recent works by Marielle Plaisir, a Miami-based artist with French-Caribbean roots.

Marielle Plaisir studied Fine Arts in Bordeaux before moving to the United States and presenting her artworks all over the world, especially in Florida and in the francophone Caribbean Islands.

A multimedia artist, she creates paintings and drawings with rich colors, installations, sculptures with porcelain, pearls, or fabric, and backlits with embroideries. She carefully selects her medium as a manifestation of an artistic heritage, and she mixes them, weaving links between Europe, the Caribbean and North America.

The result is a collection of artworks transforming the history of racial discrimination, bigotry, and colonialist domination into another reality, made of poesy, and free imagination. The botanical imagery is a recurring theme, at the same time a tool to blur compositions, to dissect control systems, and a symbol of empowerment.

Further information about the exhibition here.

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