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“Navy Blue” by Oona Doherty


© Dajana Lothert

Nashville & New York City

May 30 - June 8, 2024

French-based choreographer Oona Doherty brings Navy Blue, her first large-scale work, to the US.

Belfast-raised choreographer Oona Doherty, now based in Marseille in the south of France, brings her first large-scale work to the US in Nashville and New York City after her tour in Canada.

It is the working class that Doherty portrays in Navy Blue. Loneliness, exploitation, pain and the endless struggle for justice are among the themes that occur in her distinctive choreography. Doherty places as much importance on the music as the choreography in her artistic work. In Navy Blue, she has collaborated with the renowned DJ and musician Jamie XX, who has given the choreography a deeply disturbing expression.

A dark night descends over the twelve dancers on stage; they are trapped in a destructive algorithm. A paralyzing fear gradually comes over them. The future seems unmanageable, man insignificant. Choreographer Doherty and her dancers search for a common healing and redemption. Where have we been, and where are we now heading towards? Oona Doherty’s artistry largely appeals to social change: Is there any hope in this seemingly bottomless darkness?

May 30 – June 1 | OZ Arts, Nashville, TN | Get your tickets!
June 4 – 9 | The Joyce Theater, New York, NY | Get your tickets!

Artistic Direction by Oona Doherty
Choreography by Oona Doherty with the collaboration of the dancers
Music collaboration by Jamie xx
Writing collaboration by Bush Moukarzel
Video projection by Nadir Bouassria
Lighting design and technical direction by John Gunning
Stage management by Lisa Marie Barry
Costume design by Oona Doherty and Lisa Marie Barry
Management and production by Gabrielle Veyssiere
Production and administration by Jenny Suarez and Virginie Reymond

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