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Lisandro Alonso in Person at the American Cinematheque


Lisandro Alonso

L.A. Premiere of EUREKA by Lisandro Alonso

American Cinematheque
Egyptian, Aero, Los Feliz 3 Theaters

April 25 - 28, 2024


A wholly original and uncompromising artist, Lisandro Alonso has pursued a stark yet alluring vision of the world throughout his ever-evolving film career.

The American Cinematheque welcomes one of the most visionary artists of contemporary cinema, Argentinian filmmaker Lisandro Alonso, for a complete retrospective, Space, Not Time: The Films of Lisandro Alonso, at the Egyptian, Aero and Los Feliz 3 theaters.

The series, which marks the first retrospective of Alonso’s work in Los Angeles, includes the L.A. Premiere of his critically acclaimed new film, Eureka, followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker himself.

Also, featured in the series are Jauja, featuring a Q&A with Alonso and actor Viggo Mortensen; La Libertad; Los Muertos/Liverpool; and Fantasma, all followed by Q&A with Alonso.

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