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Just the Two of Us by Valérie Donzelli in theatres June 14


Just the Two of Us by Valérie Donzelli

In Theatres June 14, 2024


A closely observed domestic thriller adapted from Éric Reinhardt’s prize-winning novel L’amour et les forêts by Valérie Donzelli and Audrey Diwan.

When Blanche Renard meets Greg Lamoureux, she believes she has found the one. The ties that bind them grow rapidly; they are caught up in a great passion. Ignoring her fears, Blanche abandons her family and her twin sister, Rose, with dreams of reinventing herself – and little by little finds herself caught in the grip of a deeply possessive and dangerous man. A man whose true nature she is too ashamed, too afraid, to reveal. There are only two ways out. Either his victim will break, or she will free herself…Thriller, 105 min, A Music Box Films release

Director: Valérie Donzelli
Writers: Valérie Donzelli, Audrey Diwan
Cast Virginie Efira, Melvil Poupaud, Dominique Reymond, Romane Bohringer, Virginie Ledoyen, Marie Rivière, Guang Huo, Laurence Côte, Bertrand Belin

Opens on Friday, June 14 in New York at Alamo Drafthouse Lower Manhattan and Los Angeles at Laemmle Glendale followed by national expansion.

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