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French Films at the Socially Relevant Film Festival NY

Festival, Film

Jean est tombé amoureux © Romain Roellet / Joli Rouge

Cinema Village
22 E 12th Street

March 12 - March 20, 2024

Explore a wide selection of films that educate, enlighten, entertain, and can be commercially viable at the Socially Relevant Film Festival NY from March 12 to 20.

The Socially Relevant™ Film Festival NY focuses exclusively on human interest stories that raise awareness about social problems by offering positive solutions through the powerful medium of cinema.

Learn more about the three French films screened at the festival below.


Directed by Michel Garcia, Documentary Feature, 52:59min 

Éric Dargent, Jérôme Bonellli, and Benoît Moreau: three lives, each with their own handicaps, but more importantly one common passion: surfing. This thirst to keep moving forward will take all three to Tahiti to share their experiences, their knowledge of adapted prostheses, and raise awareness about accessibility for others.

Friday, March 15, Cinéma Village, 4:30 PM

Jean est tombé amoureux

Directed by Romain Roellet, Narrative Short, 20:00min

Jean, 18, is the prodigy of his rugby club. While defending his title with his team, Jean falls in love with Ayoub, a player on the opposing team. The brotherhood between his teammates turns out to be much more fragile than Jean had imagined.

Sunday, March 17, Cinéma Village, 12:00 PM – LGBTQ+ Short Film Block #5


Directed by Trocquenet Valère, Fert Florence, Narrative Short, 27:16min

Following a series of mysterious happenings, two detectives, Elsa Petrovic and Alfred Rondeau, embark on an investigation that plunges them, with humor, into the rich universe of artist Evgenia Saré, full of strange figures.

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