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French Art Song: Mélodie


French Art Song: Mélodie

Indiana University
Multiple Locations on campus
Bloomington , US 47406

January 17-20, 2023


The Centre d’Excellence at Indiana University is presenting Four interdisciplinary, interactive workshops on the musical, literary, professional, and creative synergies that shaped one of the most adventurous artforms of the belle époque.

Featuring guest artist-scholar François Le Roux, in dialogue with IU professors Jean-Louis Haguenauer, Nicolas Valazza, Alison Calhoun, and Allan Armstrong. Each session will include a conversation between François Le Roux and an IU professor, general discussion and questions, and a masterclass with JSoM voice and piano students. Sessions will focus on the French music and poetry Le Roux analyses in his book Le Chant Intime (Oxford, 2021).

The Tuesday and Thursday events will be available on Zoom.

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