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Directed By Claude Sautet: An American Cinematheque Tribute

Film Series

LES CHOSES DE LA VIE de Claude Sautet

Egyptian Theatre, Aero Theatre and Los Feliz 3

March 14 - 24, 2024


The American Cinematheque pays tribute to the late French maestro in celebration of the 4K Restoration of his debut film.

Claude Sautet first tasted success with the crime thriller CLASSE TOUS RISQUES but was unfairly overlooked as the New Wave directors dominated the French scene. After spending the 1960s behind the typewriter, Sautet re-emerged as a director en vogue. His high-profile collaborations with the legendary Romy Schneider (CÉSAR AND ROSALIE, LES CHOSES DE LA VIE) and leading men like Michel Piccoli and Yves Montand (MAX AND THE JUNKMEN, VINCENT, FRANCOIS, PAUL, AND THE OTHERS) resulted in a sequence of evocative films that explored the privilege and tension of the French bourgeoisie amid the political upheaval in 1960s.

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