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Villa Albertine x Mobilier national at Design Miami


© Villa Albertine

Villa Albertine
972 5th Ave, New York
New York, United States 10075

December 6, 2023 - December 10, 2023


Villa Albertine & Mobilier national present Atelier George, Atelier d’Offard, Chloé Bensahel, Gala Espel, and Dimitry Hlinka.

Miami Beach, November 28, 2023 Villa Albertine and Mobilier national are delighted to present an exhibition platforming five rising stars of the French design scene: Atelier George, Atelier d’Offard, Chloé Bensahel, Gala Espel, and Dimitry Hlinka.

The designers are each participants in Villa Albertine’s residency program supported by the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, and present a refined aesthetic that renews the legacy of age-old French craftsmanship.

Each project is rooted in a reinvented artisanal technique, blending organic shapes and futuristic lines and curves. This exhibition was curated by Alban Roger, with an immersive installation created by Atelier d’Offard.

Villa Albertine and Mobilier National wish to thank the Design Miami vetting committee for awarding this show as the Best of Show Presentation, Special Project.

On view until Sunday, December 10 at 6pm at Booth P05 at Design Miami, Convention Center Drive & 19th Street, Miami Beach, Florida, USA.


© Atelier d’Offard

Atelier d’Offard envisions an immersive space as an ideal for minimalist living, using creator François-Xavier Richard’s signature materials of washi paper and the innovative and eco-friendly “carton pierre”.


© Atelier George

Atelier George presents “Solar Suspension,” composed of an opaline white glass globe and three veined glass planets, a work of interpretation inspired by the celestial world.


© Gala Espel

Gala Espel’s work is in silversmithing, part of her series “Archaeology of the Future,” an exploration of the fossil and organic world, combining craftsmanship and technology for a poetic and radical result.


© Chloé Bensahel

Chloé Bensahel invites us to experience a sensory journey through her connected tapestries, mixing textile traditions and digital performance.


© Dimitry Hlinka

Through his radiator “Amplitude,” Dimitry Hlinka reimagines an everyday object in a feat of woodworking with abstract lines.


Promoting French decorative arts and savoir-faire in the United States

In addition to their participation in Design Miami, Villa Albertine and Mobilier national offer French designers and craftspeople a wide range of support and opportunities to help strengthen their projects and presence in the US.

In so doing, the two institutions work to raise awareness of the exceptional French design and craft industries and enhance collaborations between designers, schools, galleries, and other institutions on both sides of the Atlantic.

In this spirit of Franco-American cooperation, Villa Albertine and Mobilier national, in partnership with the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation, aim to encourage the emergence of a new generation of talent and professionals, while raising awareness of the essential contributions of design and craft in addressing contemporary social challenges.

In partnership with

Mobilier national

Mobilier National’s mission is to ensure the conservation and restoration of its collections resulting of purchases and orders. Back in the time they used to be designed for royal and imperial residences, and today for the official palaces of the French Republic. These collections are made up of more than 130,000 furniture and textile objects.

The Mobilier national has seven restoration workshops – tapestry, carpets, upholstery and decorative tapestry, seat carpentry, cabinetmaking and bronzeware.

The national factories of Gobelins, Beauvais and La Savonnerie, as well as the lace workshops of Alençon and Le Puy-en-Velay are attached to the administration of the Mobilier national.

The institution has also a research and creation workshop – the ARC – to promote creation and contemporary design in official buildings. 600 prototypes from a hundred designers have been produced in over 50 years.

The services of the Mobilier national and the national manufactures embody the prestige of French tradition, the excellence of exceptional know-how and the vitality of artistic creation and contemporary design.

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