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Claire Denis’ Beau Travail at the Egyptian Theatre


Beau Travail de Claire Denis

Egyptian Theatre
6712 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

March 1, 2024


Considered by many to be Claire Denis’ magnum opus, BEAU TRAVAIL sets Herman Melville’s Billy Budd in a distinctly modern milieu, telling a universal tale of jealousy while tuning in to the emotional registers of the physical world in a way only Denis can.

A group from the Foreign Legion forgotten, abandoned somewhere in the gulf of Djibouti. Remnants of a ghost army which pays war and mends roads. At Marseille, the ex-warrant officer Galoup reminds him of this happy time, of this well orchestrted life, of his men, his dear herd. But eventually what he really lost is his commander. His commander he didn’t want to share with a young legionary.

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