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City/Cité: Translating Arts and Urban Development 


City/Cité: Translating Arts and Urban Development 


June 2, 2021 at 10:00am

What can developers and municipalities do to implement culture and artist-friendly policies in their projects to ensure more equitable cities? How can artists contribute to defining and advocating for these policies?

This discussion was part of the City/Cité series, presented by SPUR, California Humanities, and Villa Albertine San Francisco, with the support of Institut français. The panelists included Elisse Douglass (Oakland Black Business Fund), Joshua Simon (Community Arts Stabilization Trust), Emilie Moreau (Apur, the Paris Urbanism Agency), Ronak Davé Okoye (SPUR), and Sophie Rosso (Redman). The event was moderated by Tommy Wong (Civic Design Studio).

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