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City/Cité : Oakland x Saint-Denis – Translating Cities and Cultures

Credits: Photograph Reine Ruthza by Sophie Comtet Kouyaté (left) and PAST PRESENT FUTURE by Oakland International Media Academy (right)


April 1, 2021 4:00 pm

Replay a panel discussion on the pivotal role of artists, urban planners, scholars, and elected officials in shaping community-oriented cities across the US — Oakland, Chicago, Detroit — and Saint-Denis, France.

Featuring Roberto Bedoya, Cultural Affairs Manager for the City of Oakland; Connie Spreen, Executive Director at Experimental Station; Anya Sirota, Associate Professor at Taubman College of Architecture; and Juliette Donadieu, Cultural Attaché and Director of Villa San Francisco,

Moderated by Shannon Jackson, the Cyrus and Michelle Hadidi Professor of Rhetoric and of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies at the University of California, Berkeley, this conversation offered valuable insights on the creation of vibrant community and arts-focused spaces. Presented by Villa San Francisco and California Humanities, with support from Institut français, this event was part of the ‘City/Cité: Translating Cities and Cultures’ series. 

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