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The Bridge: Pang! [TB#2.5]


The Bridge 2023 - Petit Faucheux,Tours

Chicago - Madison - Milwaukee - Iowa City | April 15 - April 29 , 2023


The Bridge, a transatlantic network of French and American jazz and improvisational musicians founded in 2013, is back to perform in Chicago, Madison, Milwaukee and Iowa City in April.

Pang! (TB#2.5)

  • Ben LaMar Gay – cornet, vocal, electronics, percussion
  • Sam Pluta – live electronics
  • Sophie Agnel – piano
  • Pascal Niggenkemper – double bass


04/15 Constellation, 8:30pm
+ Sophie Agnel & Jim Baker duo

04/16 ProMusica, 2pm

04/16 Hungry Brain, 9pm
*Sam Pluta, Sophie Agnel, Peter Maunu & Julian Kirshner + Ben LaMar Gay, Jason Stein, Hunter Diamond, Nick Broste. Pascal Niggenkemper & Tim Daisy

04/19 The Whistler, 9pm
*Ben LaMar Gay, Keefe Jackson, Molly Jones, Pascal Niggenkemper & Quin Kirchner

04/20 Logan Center for the Arts, 7pm

04/21 Experimental Sound Studio 7:30pm,
* Sophie Agnel & Michael Zerang duo

04/21 Doug Fogelson Studio, 8pm
* Katie Ernst, Anton Hatwich, Katinka Kleijn, Lia Kohl, Pascal Niggenkemper & Jason Roebke

04/22 Corbett VS. Dempsey, 2pm
*Ben LaMar Gay & Pascal Niggenkemper duo


04/22 North Street Cabaret, Madison, 8pm


04/23 Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee, 7pm


04/24 Elastic ‘Anagram Series’, 8pm
* Ben LaMar Gay, Seb El Zin & Sam Pluta + Sophie Agnel, Joshua Abrams & Mike Reed

04/25 The Promontory, 7pm
+ Adam Zanolini Quartet “The Heliacal Rising of Sothis” + Honey Bo

04/27 Comfort Station, 7pm
*Seb El Zin & Pascal Niggenkemper with Irene Hsiao

04/27 Elastic ‘Improvised Music Series’, 8:30pm
+ special guest: Jon Irabagon 

Iowa City 

04/29 University of lowa – School of Music, 7pm 

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