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Ashley Chen – Compagnie Kashyl: “Unisson,” “Rush,” “Distances,” “Tumble” and more at La Mama, New York


Ashley Chen

La Mama Ellen Stewart Theater
66 East 4th Street, 2nd floor
New York, 10003

November 30 - December 10, 2023

Ashley Chen – Compagnie Kashyl – “Unisson,” “Rush,” “Distances,” and “Tumble” offer meaningful reflections on the vices of contemporary urban life and a resolution to urban chaos.

 La Mama, New York, will present several repertory works by Ashley Chen – Compagnie Kashyl in two weeks as part of the Albertine Dance Season.

 Nov 30 – Dec 5:  “Unisson” and “Rush”

Dec 7 – Dec 10:  “Distances”, “Tumble”,  “Outside Flow” and “Dime a dance”

See detailed schedule here 

Three of the pieces presented by La Mama delve into the substance of the group, reshaping and exploring its various states. In “Unisson”, eight dancers attempt to reach an intimate point of resonance. In “Rush”, two beings are propelled by an incessant driving force. An exhausting frantic race renders them breathless, forcing them to support one another to find balance. “Distances, performed by students from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts alongside original cast members, shows a group of women testing the outer limits of each others’ personal space. In “Tumble” Ashley remembers his dance life, embarking on a choreographic stream of consciousness, and “Dime a Dance” by Merce Cunningham  has been reimagined byAshley, with dancers Anna Chirescu and Cheryl Thierren as a live improvisational game exposing the beginning of Cunningham’s use of Chance.

The program will also feature Compagnie Kashyl’s recent film “Outside Flow” conceived with filmmaker Peter Steven. Read more below.

Ashley Chen with Peter Steven were in residency (Villa Albertine) during the first semester of 2023 in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York.

Listen to Coast to Coast Podcast with Roslyn Sulcas and Ashley Chen:  Ashley Chen on Forgotten Gestures and Dancing Through Diversity HERE

In this episode, Chen discusses his multicultural background and its impact on his work. He delves into the collaborative project “Outside Flow” created with his filmmaker brother Peter Steven. This innovative venture explores the unnoticed gestures of outdoor labor, incorporating the movements of various workers into the choreography filmed in  in diverse locations, from urban landscapes in Los Angeles and New York to natural settings.

About Ashley Chen

After graduating from the Conservatoire in Paris, France, Ashley Chen moved to NYC to work with Merce Cunningham in 2000. In 2004 he returned to France integrating the Lyon Opera Ballet. Since 2006, he’s been freelancing throughout Europe and has collaborated with many choreographers including Michael Clark, John Scott, Philippe Decouflé and Boris Charmatz. He founded his own company, Kashyl, in 2012, with the desire to create unusual choreographic projects based upon the raw and radical physical intensity of the performers.

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