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Art in the Age of AI: OpenAI Demonstration – “Where is AI Going?”


Courtesy of Chad Nelson

Villa Albertine Headquarters
972 Fifth Avenue

May 6, 2024


On May 6, join Open AI’s Creative Specialist Chad Nelson for a talk on the future of AI and its application as a creative tool, as part of Villa Albertine’s Art in the Age of AI event.

What are the current capacities and limits of AI as a creative tool, and how can they be pushed? In this engaging discussion, OpenAI’s Creative Specialist Chad Nelson offers practical insights based on his career journey and discusses his company’s latest tools for creatives.

Chad Nelson is an acclaimed creative director, technology strategist, and currently is a creative specialist at OpenAI. His projects include launching the award-winning, AI-based animated short, CRITTERZ; creating the first AI-based Vogue cover; and collaborating on OpenAI’s research of its text-to-video model, Sora. With over 25 years of experience in interactive design and entertainment, Chad’s experience spans video games, social media, TV, and mobile applications, where he has worked with companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Sky, Sony, and Virgin.

About Art in the Age of AI

Villa Albertine’s Art in the Age of AI event is a two-day exploration of the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on creative practices, present and future.  

Bringing together French and U.S.-based artists, tech world leaders, museum directors, journalists, scholars, and lawyers, the event will include panel discussions and demonstrations featuring representatives from OpenAI, SAG-AFTRA, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the U.S. Copyright Office, Google, the French Government’s AI Commission, Columbia University, Sciences Po, Polytechnique, and more. Moderators include The New York Times’ Zachary Small and The New Yorker’s Kyle Chayka.  

All panels discussions will take place in English at Villa Albertine’s headquarters in New York.

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