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The Anomaly: A Conversation with Hervé Le Tellier


Boswell Book Company and Alliance Française de Milwaukee host a virtual event with Hervé Le Tellier author of The Anomaly, the 2021 winner of the Prix Goncourt.

March 22 | 2pm CT


Boswell Book Company and Alliance Française de Milwaukee will host a virtual event with Hervé Le Tellier, author of The Anomaly—the 2020 winner of the Prix Goncourt, France’s most prestigious literary prize, and now an international phenomenon.

An immediate sensation and now an international phenomenon, The Anomaly is a dizzying, whip-smart novel blends crime, fantasy, sci-fi, and thriller which plumbs the mysteries surrounding a Paris-New York flight.

Who would we be if we had made different choices? Told that secret, left that relationship, written that book? We all wonder—the passengers of Air France 006 will find out. About to start their descent to JFK, they hit a shockingly violent patch of turbulence, emerging on the other side to a reality both perfectly familiar and utterly strange. As it charts the fallout of this logic-defying event, The Anomaly takes us on a breathtaking journey from Lagos and Mumbai to the White House and a top-secret hangar.

In Hervé Le Tellier’s most ambitious work yet, high literature follows the lead of a bingeable Netflix series, drawing on the best of genre fiction from “chick lit” to mystery, while also playfully critiquing their hallmarks. An ingenious, timely variation on the doppelgänger theme, it taps into the parts of ourselves that elude us most.

Please note, a small portion of the talk with Le Tellier may be conducted in French but the majority of this presentation will be in English.

Hervé Le Tellier is a writer, journalist, mathematician, food critic, and teacher. He has been a member of the Oulipo group since 1992 and one of the “papous” of the famous France Culture radio show. He has published fifteen books of stories, essays, and novels, including Enough About Love (Other Press, 2011), The Sextine Chapel(Dalkey Archive Press, 2011), and A Thousand Pearls (Dalkey Archive Press, 2011).

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