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The Blind

© Nicolas Richard

In an ancient forest of eternal nature and under a star-strewn sky, twelve blind people – six women and six men – wait for the return of their guide, a priest. They attempt to locate themselves in both time and space. Through words they fill their silence and waiting. They discover one another and come to the realisation that they have always been strangers. Foreshadowed by nature’s muffled calls, a crisis breaks out when they discover the dead priest lying among them. On stage, the twelve spectators delve into a poetic and raw virtual world. An immersive collective VR experience highlighting the play’s timeless message; we are all blind seeking some form of guidance. By adapting Maurice Maeterlinck’s well-known play, INVIVO pursues its vision of a hybrid theatre at the cross paths of theatre arts, digital arts, and virtual reality.

General Informations

An adaptation of Maurice Maeterlinck’s original play The Blind

Design concept, adaptation and scenography: Julien Dubuc

Sound design: Gregoire Durrande

VR development: 3D design: Antoine Vanel – Blindsp0t

Production Company : INVIVO (France)

Coproduction Company : Les Gémeaux – scène Nationale de Sceaux, Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – CDN de Lyon, Théâtre de l’Union – CDN de Limoges, Némo – Biennale des Arts Numériques de la Région Île-de-France – Le CENTQUATRE – PARIS, Lux – scène nationale de Valence

Awards : Futur is sensible, Geneva International Films Festival – 2022

Year of creation : 2021

Minimum Age : 15

English Subtitles

Technical Informations

Format : Collective virtual reality experience with stage design

Duration : 45 min

Number of participants per session : 12

Equipment required : Black dance floor on stage (TBC depending on the stage plot) / Side panels surrounding the stage house (TBC depending on the stage plot) / 1 table for the VR, sound and light booth / 2 to 4 ladders (minimum of 4 steps/ideally 6 steps) / 1 roll of dance floor tape (black) / 1 coat rack and 20 coat hangers / A space to stock our empty flight cases (approximately 12m3) / Additional lighting to light up the pathway for the audience (to be specified according to the venue) / 2 DMX cables 20m / 1 three pin DMX cable (or XLR cable) 5m / 2 DMX-adapters 3/5 and 2 DMX-adapters 5/3 / 1 power supply for all sound equipment 16A (only dedicated towards sound) / 4 professional loudspeakers 8 – 12 inch (type PS10 or 12XT) on mounting forks (on outputs 1, 2, 3 and 4) / 2 professional subwoofers (type LS1200 or SB118), on the floor (on outputs 5 and/or 6) / 24 new batteries type LR6

Minimum space : 8×7 and 4m2 booth space / Minimum height: 3,5 m


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