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Immersive plays with the Op art concept and minimalism content to produce illusions and illimited perspective. Projection plays with delay and echo in a rythmic progression of abstract patterns displayed from simple geometric forms. The minimalism design puts the spectator in an unstable situation by disturbing his sensation. It wants to surprise the viewer to get out of his custom point-of-view and question the perceptions of our daily reality and his relation with the environment. The ascending movement and the use of stroboscopic images gives a new sensation of temporality and the sensation to be fully immersed. A surrounded sound system accentuates the sensations of an infinite space and the soundtrack is inspired by electronic melody derived from pure sinus and digital noises recreating a real electro-acoustic noisist orchestra.

The director

ARCAAN Collective (Jérémy Oury & Antoine Briot) is a french association created in 2015, with the aim of promoting, supporting and stimulating research in the audiovisual and digital fields. Initiated by sound designer Antoine Briot and digital artist Jeremy Oury, their artistic research focuse on a feeling of virtual movements and temporality to disrupt the spectator perception. Each project becomes a visual and sound laboratory for the collective, conducive to the emergence of a new artistic intermedia grammar. The collective’s productions have been regularly selected and awarded in various international festivals.

General Informations

Director : ARCAAN COLLECTIVE (Jérémy Oury & Antoine Briot)

Production Company : ARCAAN Collective (France)

Year of creation : 2019

Awards : Award best short form Macon film festival 2019 / Award best short form Macon film festival 2019

Minimum Age : 7

Technical Informations

Format : CAVE, VR, DOME

Duration : 8 minutes 10

Number of participants per session : 300 (dome), 1 (VR), 50 (CAVE)

Technical requirements : 4 projectors (3500 to 6K lumens), HD ou WUXGA, short lens, ceiling hook / 4 video cables HDMI or VGA / 4 or 5 compact speakers / 1 or 2 Subgraves / 1 mixer digital – ex : Yamaha 01v96 / Sound cables

Space : Requires a closed or semi-open space with white walls allowing 270° or 360° projection / At least 4x4m and 3m high and ideally 5x5mx3m


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