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2022 Grantees: Jazz & New Music


Marvin Tate – voice, poetry Erwan Keravec – bagpipes Gerrit Hatcher - tenor saxophone Lia Kohl – cello Gaspar Claus - cello Two pictures attached Copyright : AP

Villa Albertine and FACE Foundation are pleased to announce the grantees for the 2022 application cycle of the Jazz & New Music program. This program encourages the creative and professional development of French-based jazz and contemporary music composers, musicians, and ensembles through Creative Grants for new creations and commissions and Touring Grants for US tours.

Selected projects for Creative Grants

  • Chansons du Crépuscule 

L’après-midi d’un Bot 

New creation by Hélène Breschand (FR) and Elliott Sharp (US), accompanied by Floy Krouchi (FR) and Zafer Tawil (US) 

New York, NY 

June 1 – December 31, 2022 


  • Epsilon Spires 

Commissioning and Recording New Works in French Electroacoustic Music 

New creation by François J. Bonnet (stage name: Kassel Jaeger) (FR) and Éliane Radigue (FR) 

Brattleboro, VT 

April 1–30, 2023 


  • Beyond This Point and François Sarhan 

Dreams, and why not? 

New creation by Beyond This Point (US ensemble); Adam Rosenblatt (US), John Corkill (US), François Sarhan (FR, Germany), and Jennifer Torrence (Norway) 

October 29 – November 5, 2022 


  • Franck Vigroux, Antoine Schmitt and Loïc Varanguin de Villepin  


New Creation by Franck Vigroux (FR), Antoine Schmitt (FR), and Loïc Varanguin de Villepin (FR) 

Presented at Gray Area, San Francisco, CA 

April 1 – May 31, 2023 


  • Reverso 

Reverso reimagines Lili Boulanger, A Composition and Recording Project  

New creation by Ryan Keberle (US), Frank Woeste (FR), Vincent Courtois (FR) 

Presented by the Jazz Gallery, New York, NY 

February 1 – May 31, 2023


  • La Compagnie Nine Spirit 

Music is my field 

New Creation by Raphaël Imbert (FR), Alban Moraud (FR), Régis Michel (FR)

With guest artists John Boutté (US), Sarah Quintana (US) Dwight Andrews (US) Art Rosenbaum (US), Cary Fridlay (US), and Jon Stickley (US) 

New Orleans, LA; Atlanta, GA; Nashville, TN 

March 1 – November 1, 2023 


  • Paul Lay – Ingrid Jensen Group 

New Creation by Paul Lay (FR), Clemens Van der Feen (Holland), Ingrid Jensen (US), Nicole Glover (US), and Kendrick Scott (US) 

New York, NY and Washington, D.C. 

May 1 – June 30, 2023 


  • Josh Hari, Cale Hawkins, Marie Davy and Tiss Rodriguez  

Lilt project  

New Creation by Josh Hari (US), Cale Hawkins (US), Marie Davy (FR), and Tiss Rodriguez (FR) 

New York, NY 

July 1 – December 1, 2022 


  • Issue Project Room 

Leila Bordreuil and Luke Stewart present New Works for Feedback Ensemble with Nina Garcia 

New creation by Leila Bordreuil (FR, US) Luke Stewart (US), Nina Garcia (FR), and Feedback Ensemble (US) 

New York, NY 

September 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023 


Selected projects for Touring Grants


  • The Bridge

Temple of enthusiasm 

Marvin Tate (US), Gerrit Hatcher (US), Erwan Keravec (FR), Lia Kohl (US), Gaspar Claus (FR)

Chicago, IL; Milwaukee, WI; Madison WI  

October 31, 2022 – November 16, 2022


  • Sakina Abdou (FR)

New York, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL

October 30 – November 13, 2022


  • Ensemble intercontemporain (FR) 

New York, NY; Miami, FL; Houston, TX

March 23 – April 1, 2023


  • Ecce Ensemble (USA)

Next Generation France

Ecce Ensemble (US), Raphaèle Biston (FR), Manon Lepauvre (FR), Sanae Ishida (FR), Sophie Lacaze (FR)

Worcester, MA; Northampton, MA; New York, NY

January 27 – February 5, 2023


  • Raymond Boni (FR) & Joe McPhee (USA)

Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Austin, TX; Shreveport, LA

April 24 – May 1, 2023


  • lovemusic (FR)

Chicago, IL; New Orleans, LA; Waltham, MA; Cambridge, MA

April 11-29, 2023


  • ONJ – Orchestre National de Jazz  

Ex Machina

Frédéric Maurin, Steve Lehman, Jérôme Nika, Jonathan Finlayson, Chris Dingman
+ 12 musicians of ONJ – Orchestre National de Jazz (FR)

New York, NY; Princeton, NJ; Philadelphia, PA

September 29 – October 10, 2022



To learn more about the selected projects and Jazz & New Music, click here.


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FACE Foundation

FACE Foundation is an American nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting French-American relations through innovative cultural and educational projects. In partnership with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, FACE Foundation promotes artistic, literary, and educational exchange and collaboration between creative professionals from both countries. With additional corporate, foundation, and individual support, FACE Foundation administers grant programs in the performing and visual arts, cinema, translation, and secondary and higher education, while providing financial sponsorship to French-American festivals and other cultural initiatives. FACE Foundation focuses on new and recent work of living artists and the promotion of bilingualism and the French language. 

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The role of SACEM is to provide protection, representation and service for original music composers, authors and publishers SACEM collects authors’ rights and redistributes the payments to the rights-holders SACEM promotes and supports original creative music in every different form. SACEM is a private entity; it is a non-trading company [“société civile”] directed by authors, composers and publishers.


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