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©Là, là ou là / Alice Caron - illustrations cartographiques

Explore Villa Albertine’s City/Cité program, bringing together a network of partners from universities, museums, and local governments in key cities throughout the US and France to foster dialogue on urban issues. 

Cities play a crucial role in driving global change through innovation and experimentation, addressing ecological, social, democratic, digital, and cultural challenges.

Initiated in 2015 and first implemented in Atlanta, Chicago, and Oakland, City/Cité is a transatlantic program fostering dialogue on urban issues. It facilitates discussions among artists, professionals, and thinkers to showcase initiatives addressing contemporary societal challenges.

City/Cité encompasses diverse activities, including debates, exhibits, and professional residencies, bridging academia and culture with a network of partners such as universities, museums, and local governments.

Since its inception, City/Cité has facilitated numerous initiatives, particularly enhancing city partnerships to explore urban reinvention and futures. These partnerships, such as Atlanta and Marseille, Chicago and Paris, and Oakland and Saint-Denis, engage city representatives, planners, artists, and thinkers.

More bilateral cooperation is currently being studied between Boston and Lyon and Washington, D.C. and Strasbourg to further expand the program’s impact and reach.


Nicolas Douay – City/Cité Program Officer

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