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Material Reuse: A Conversation with Bellastock, Rotor, and Rural Studio


France Atlanta 2021 Material reuse

November 8, 2021 | 12:30pm-2pm

Rethinking the building material cycle is an urgent ecological necessity. The work of Bellastock (Paris 2006), Rotor (Brussels 2006) and Rural Studio (Newbern, Alabama 1993) provides a fascinating window into the myriad challenges – logistical, economic, formal, social – to reusing building materials and components. The specific contexts and circumstances of their origins and their continuing evolution offer lessons and inspiration to all of us: students, building industry professionals, activists and concerned citizens.

Antoine AubinaisBellastock, is an architect (HMONP) who graduated from the École d’Architecture de Paris Belleville in 2010, co-founder in 2006 of Bellastock and president of the association until 2012. Today, he is co-managing director of SCIC (Société Coopérative of Collective Interest) Bellastock. He founded the CAAPP, Center Art Architecture Paysage Patrimoine in 2018 at the request of the Ministry of Culture.

Emmanuel Cortes GarciaRotor, is an urban planner from Chicago working with Rotor since 2017. Having worked at Rotor DC in logistics, inventory and business development, he has 3 years of experience in the reuse of materials and circular construction. He is currently working in communications for the FCRBE project at Rotor.

Rusty SmithRural Studio, is the Associate Director of Rural Studio, Auburn University’s internationally recognized design-build architecture program. Established in 1993, Rural Studio gives architecture students a hands-on educational experience while assisting the underserved communities of Alabama’s rural Black Belt region. Over the past decade Rural Studio has expanded the scope and complexity of its projects to include the design and construction of community-oriented infrastructure, the development of more broadly-attainable small home affordability solutions, and a comprehensive approach to addressing insecurity issues relative to income, energy, food, health and education resources.

Sabir Khan (Moderator), College of Design, Georgia Tech, has a joint appointment in the Georgia Institute of Technology School of Architecture and in the School of Industrial Design (2011-current). Prior to that he served as Associate Dean of the College for undergraduate studies and creative activity (2002-2011) and Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture (1995-2002).

This event is part of France Atlanta 2021, and organized by tthe Georgia Institute of Technology with the support of the Atlanta Office of the Cultural Services of the Embassy of France in the United States.


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