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Opening Passages: Healing and Closing Celebration at 6018|North

This is a chance to break free from the limitations placed upon us by tradition. Whether you’re ready to take a small step forward or make a giant leap, this workshop will help you begin to let go and liberate yourself. 

We invite you to create and step into a new version of yourself, unbound by the weight of the past, or the expectations and demands of others. We invite you to give yourself grace and permission as we release the version of ourselves that may have once accepted limitations. 

We’ll share in discussion, a reflective writing exercise, a healing ritual, and a guided meditation. You will also learn practices for continuing to “break free” beyond the workshop. Please bring a notebook or journal and participate at your individual level of comfort.

The workshop will be followed by music and the closing celebration of Opening Passages: Photographers Respond to Chicago and Paris at 6018|North

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