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Sport Friendly: The Field of Diversity! Exhibition

Themes such as gender equality, disability rights, LGBTQI+ representation, anti-racism, physical diversity, and school harassment are highlighted in this collaborative exhibition, which brings together 21 Alliances Françaises and Institut Français in 16 countries.

This project is labeled “Cultural Olympiad Paris 2024.”

About the Sport Friendly! The Field of Diversity Project

“Sport Friendly: the Field of Diversity!” is intended to be a starting point for social commitment to tackling the problem of discrimination and violence in sports. A photographic production to promote inclusive sports, the exhibition spotlights inclusive teams that seek to redefine the classic values of sports, affirming that regardless of sexual orientation or identity, gender, physical, or social condition, there is a place for everyone. Teams working for change and inclusion, in sport and in society. Learn more about the project here.

About the Author

Émilien Buffard is a French photographer, writer and translator who has been living in Rosario, Argentina, since 2014. He has a university degree in International and Local Solidarity Project Coordination. He later specialized in translation for NGOs, European, and international institutions, before training professionally in photography at the Association of Graphic Reporters of the Argentine Republic (Buenos Aires). His work focuses on social reporting, in an attempt to capture the visible or hidden impulses of a territory and those who inhabit it. His first project, “The Orphans of Poopó: Tales of a Disappeared Lake (Bolivia),” was the subject of several exhibitions in France and Argentina, and a book published in 2019 by Listocalisto.

His second work, “The Whispers of Our Footsteps,” was selected by the Rosario Contemporary Art Centre (CEC) for an Emerging Artist exhibition in April 2021. His new production, “Sport Friendly: the Field of Diversity” was exhibited for the first time on the façade of Argentina’s second most important museum, the Juan B. Castagnino Museum of Fine Arts, in April 2022, during the third III South American Youth Games. The book, which takes the form of an album of diversity miniatures, was published in November 2022, with a new series of exhibitions in Argentina and Spain.

The artist is currently preparing an international edition with teams from 15 countries and the support of the Institut Français de Paris, which will be presented alongside the 2024 Olympic Games.

Security Rules: Each person attending the event must have a ticket registered in their name and a government-issued ID that matches the name on the reservation to enter the Embassy. No one will be admitted without a reservation and official ID. Due to strict security measures, please allow for extra time for security screenings.

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