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Announcing the 2024 Jazz & New Music Grantees 


Annabelle Playe (c) Quentin Chevrier

Villa Albertine and Albertine Foundation are pleased to announce the grantees for the 2024 Jazz & New Music program, which encourages fruitful collaborations between French and American artists and ensembles in the field.

Over the past twenty years, the program has granted $4 million in funds to support over 300 projects in jazz and contemporary music, resulting in 65 recordings and more than 700 concerts, commissions, and residencies in France and the United States.

In 2024, $100,000 was allocated to 11 projects. Explore the full list of grantees below.

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Creative Grants  

This grant supports projects jointly developed by French and American professional musicians and institutions that encourage artistic exploration, foster intercultural dialogue, and contribute to the dynamism of a range of musical aesthetics. It also supports new commissions for French and American composers, especially in the field of new music. 

ISSUE Project Room

"Annabelle Playe: Arrow and Synchronicity / Ad Astra & With Womens Work"
A series of performances and outreach activities, featuring French composer Annabelle Playe.

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Brooklyn Music School

"Altered States"
A new ensemble of French and American musicians demystifying jazz as a genre to make it more approachable in a broader sense.

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La Compagnie Nine Spirit

"Music is My Field: From Marseille to Atlanta"
Reflecting on past explorations and envisioning future encounters, this project aims to celebrate the diversity, inventiveness, and diversity inherent in music.

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French Opera House Association

"A Lyric Journey in The New Orleans Temple of Music"
Yohan Giaume’s original work highlights forgotten African-American contributions to what is widely considered a European art form.

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FLEE Project

"Laissez les bons temps rouler"
This project aims to document the musical phenomena and culture of the French-speaking community of Louisiana throughout history.

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"Sounding Garden"
In collaboration with NYC-based ensemble Longleash, French composer, sound artist, and landscape architect Diane Schuh presents a mix of a musical commission, public sound installation, performance, and community engagement project.

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"Ingrid Laubrock and le Grand Orchestre de Muzzix"
The Muzzix collective commissions experimental saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock for a piece for its big orchestra: the Grand Orchestre de Muzzix (GOM).

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"New African Orleans (NAO)"
Bass guitarist and composer Alune Wade explores the multiple connections between his native West African rhythms, the Afrobeat from Lagos, and the brass band repertoire immortalized in New Orleans.

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Soluble dans l’Air

"FKBASS Meets Molecular Systematic Music" 
Floy Krouchi and James Brandon Lewis dive into the principles of DNA and biology to conceive, write, and play a unique composition.

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Collective Lovemusic

"Written on the Body"
Emerging composer Bethany Younge (US) and Collective Lovemusic (FR) propose a collaborative musical/physical performance, which marks Bethany's inaugural project in France and with a French ensemble.

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Touring Grants 

This grant funds tours of French musicians and ensembles with a minimum of three performances in the U.S. 

The Jazz Gallery

"Reverso February 2025 USA Tour"
During their North American tour, French-American chamber jazz ensemble Reverso, will explore ways in which to bridge the divide between jazz and classical audiences in the American performing arts world.

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Jazz & New Music is made possible thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Culture, Institut français, SACEM (Société des auteurs, compositeurs et éditeurs de musique), and the CNM (Centre National de la Musique). 

In partnership with

Ministry of Culture

The French Ministry of Culture aims to make the major works of humanity— and especially those of France— accessible to the largest number of people possible. As such, it maintains a policy of conservation, of protection, and of development of all components of French cultural heritage. It promotes the creation of works of art and of the mind, and the development of art practices and education. It further contributes to cultural initiatives outside of France, and to initiatives relating to the establishment of French cultural programs throughout the world.


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Institut français

The Institut français is responsible for France’s international cultural program. Supervised by both the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and by the Ministry of Culture, it promotes French culture abroad through cultural exchange initiatives. Operating in a space where the arts, intellectual exchange, cultural and social innovation, and linguistic partnerships interact and intersect, it is also responsible for promoting the French language and the sharing of works, artists, and ideas all over the world. The Institut français is one of Villa Albertine’s main French partners.

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The role of SACEM is to provide protection, representation and service for original music composers, authors and publishers SACEM collects authors’ rights and redistributes the payments to the rights-holders SACEM promotes and supports original creative music in every different form. SACEM is a private entity; it is a non-trading company [“société civile”] directed by authors, composers and publishers.


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Centre national de la musique

Created on January 1, 2020, the CNM is an organization designed to accompany and support the various stakeholders in the music sector, from artists and songwriters to labels, music publishers, concert promoters, venues, managers, sound engineers and retailers. The CNM is a public-private partnership, operating under the aegis of the French Ministry of Culture.

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