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Sébastien Léon presents: A Crack in My Cosmic Egg


Sébastien Léon, A Crack In My Cosmic Egg, 2024, exhibition view

Praz Delvallade Los Angeles
6150 Wilshire Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90048

January 13 - February 15, 2024

Praz-Delavallade Los Angeles presents A Crack in My Cosmic Egg, the first solo exhibition by artist Sébastien Léon

In this latest exhibition centered around the impossible drawings found in his book Psychodessins (Hat & Beard Press), Sébastien Léon blends his extensive inner exploration with tangible representations of the insights he has gained into the world of the psyche. Sébastien Léon has been channeling the automatic drawing technique popularized by André Masson and other Paris Surrealists in an extensive series of mixed-media works on paper. One of the artworks in the exhibition features a silhouetted traveler moving through a fascinating field of pattern, commotion, and streetlights.

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