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Podcast Party by Villa Albertine – Session 3: Queer Voices Matter


Villa Albertine Headquarters
972 Fifth Avenue

April 12, 2024 7:25 pm


On April 12, join French podcaster Jamal Ouazzani and best-selling authors The Zakar Twins for an engaging conversation on why queer voices in broadcasting matter, during Villa Albertine’s Podcasting Party.

Inspired by his live recording podcast episode “Representation Matters,” Villa Albertine resident Jamal Ouazzani will discuss queer identities in Arab communities with Iraqi-American twins, actors, and best-selling authors, Zakar Twins.

The Panelists

Jamal Ouazzani, French Podcaster and Villa Albertine Resident

100% French, 100% Moroccan, and interested in challenging the status quo, Jamal Ouazzani uses his intersectionality to reframe what inclusion means and to show how difference adds value. With Master’s degrees from ESSEC Business School in Management and from La Sorbonne in Cinema Studies, he aims to debunk myths and to change representations. As a human rights activist, he raises his voice against inequalities. He additional serves as a public speaker at conferences, corporations, schools, and festivals, on topics of diversity and inclusion.

The Zakar Twins, Influencers, Models, Actors, and Best-Selling Authors

The Zakar Twins are a duo, composed of Zak Zakar and Michael Zakar, two brothers who are Los Angeles-based authors and social media stars. Together they make up the Zakar Twins, a comedic LGBTQ+ voice of Middle Eastern origin. They published two books together, including 2017’s Pray the Gay Away and 2021’s How To Be F*cking Happy.

About the Podcasting Party by Villa Albertine

With the support of Albertine Foundation and our Sounds of New York partners, Villa Albertine will host a special Podcasting Party on April 12, featuring a variety of discussions and activities exploring questions of identity and representation within the French and American podcast communities.

From an in-depth look at the podcast projects of French participants of the Sounds of New York masterclass program to live experimental music and voguing, the event offers something for everyone.

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