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Laemmle Royal and the IFC Center present, Francois Ozon’s Peter Von Kant.



September 2, 2022


Laemmle Royal and the IFC Center present accommodative screenings of Francois Ozon’s film, Peter Von Kant.

Laemmle Royal in Los Angeles and the IFC Center in New York will hold accommodative screenings of Francois Ozon’s Peter Von Kant beginning on September 2nd, 2022. 

Peter Von Kant

Reversing the main characters’ genders of Fassbinder’s 1972 all-female cast film, Ozon has reinvented it via the director’s tumultuous life and career, while remaining true to his original screenplay. Instead of Petra, the fashion designer of the original, Ozon has cast Denis Menochet (By the Grace of God) as Peter Von Kant, a stand in for the legendary German filmmaker. Isabelle Adjani plays Peter’s glamorous actress muse Sidonie, who introduces Peter to Amir (Khalil Gharbia), a sexy 23-year-old. Amir casts an instant spell on Peter who invites him back the next night to discuss a career in acting and a possible role in his next production. Stéfan Crépon portrays Karl, the silent assistant whom Peter enjoys tormenting. As another element of Ozon’s homage to Fassbinder, Hanna Schygulla, the original object of Petra’s desire, now plays Peter’s mother. 

Genre: Drama

Cast: Denis Ménochet, Isabelle Adjani, Khalil Ben Gharbia

Runtime: 85 minutes

New York : IFC Center NY

Los Angeles : Outfest LA , Aero Theater American Cinematheque , Laemmle


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