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Guelph, ON, Canada


Dawn M. Cornelio


Fiction, Poetry

Recent titles:

  • Not a Clue, Chlo√© Delaume, University of Nebraska Press, 2018
  • Pink Jacket and Black Bra, Rafaele Germain, McArthur and Co (Canada), 2010
  • Black Alley, Mauricio Segura, Biblioasis (Canada), 2010
  • Breakfast with Cora, Cora Tsouflidou, McArthur and Co (Canada), 2010
  • Gin & Tonic and Cucumber, Rafaele Germain, McArthur and Co (Canada), 2009
  • Trans-Canadian Sketchbook, Olivier Barrot, McArthur and Co (Canada), 2009
  • The Inkwell's Monologue, Jean-Michel Maulpoix, Editions VVV Editions (Canada), 2005
  • A Matter of Blue, Jean-Michel Maulpoix, Boa Editions, 2005


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