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Peoria, IL


2015- Residency at La Villa Gillet

2010- Finalist for French-American Foundation Annual Translation Prize for Dying


Alexander Hertich


Comparative Lit/Criticism, Contemporary, Fiction, Non-fiction, Philosophy

Recent titles:

  • Forthcoming: The Firsts: A History of the French Superheroes, Xabi Molia, Dalkey Archive Press
  • The End of the World Might Not Have Taken Place, Patrik Ourednik, Dalkey Archive Press, 2020
  • Philosophy and Contemporary Reality: Beyond the Event, Etienne Balibar, Liverpool University Press, 2019
  • The Wheel, Christian Gailly, Dalkey Archive Press, 2015
  • An Unexpected Return, Nicolas Bouyssi, Dalkey Archive Press, 2014
  • A Walk Through the Land of Old Age, Simone de Beauvoir, University of Illinois Press, 2012
  • Dying, Ren√© Belletto Dalkey Archive Press, 2010


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