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Border Light Festival 2024 Presents ‘The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much’ by Voloz Collective

“The Man Who Thought He Knew Too Much” presents the absurd journey of Roger, a chaotic Frenchman navigating the bustling and vibrant streets of 1960s New York. After surviving a blast, he’s devoting his life to find his would-be assassins, embarking in a trip around the globe. Wes Anderson meets Hitchcock meets Spaghetti Western in this multi award-winning, intercontinental, inter-genre, cinematic caper of accusations, accidents and accents.

More than a French-British gender-bending collective, Voloz is a multi award-winning international physical theatre company that reinvents and recharges physical comedy by exploiting the capacities of the human body and blurring the lines between the theatrical and cinematic. Their productions focus on using bodies and voices, in a whirlwind of object, sounds and lightings.

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