Independent contractor : Promoting France as a destination for feature film and TV production

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The CNC (French Film Board) and Institut Français des Etats-Unis / Villa Albertine (IFEU-VA) are looking for an independent contractor to act as a representative of the French Film Commission in Los Angeles to promote France as a destination for feature film and TV production.

The global cinema, audiovisual and video game markets are experiencing unprecedented vitality and are characterized by an explosion in demand for content, driven by the development of platforms. Projections for 2030 confirm the very significant increase in production volume, which could double. The prospects are exciting, the opportunities are unprecedented for investors and for all players in the value chain.

France wants to position itself as a new worldwide leader for feature film and TV production.

The CNC (French Film Board) oversees the promotion of France as a destination for film and TV productions and has increased the resources allocated to this mission. A new department (Film France, the French Film Commission) coordinates the local film commissions throughout France, advises international players regarding the tax rebate for international productions and ensures the promotion of all French production tools (line producers, technicians and artists, filming locations, visas, permits, service providers).

IFEU-VA is a division of the French Embassy in the United States, that aims to build partnerships between French and American artists, institutions, and universities on both sides of the Atlantic. The Film & TV department is in charge of promoting French content in the US, accompanying the French talents and professionals on the US market and promoting France as a destination for production. In LA, the Film & TV Liaison for US Production specifically oversees this third mission. 

As part of this increased effort and in addition to actions led in France, CNC and IFEU-VA are looking for an independent contractor who could support the team of the Film & TV department of IFEU-VA in LA, to promote locally the benefits of working with France, and redirect contacts and opportunities to the appropriate team of the CNC in France. 

Services required

The contractor is expected to implement French strategy in the US and deliver the following services:
•    Establish in collaboration with IFEU-VA, a list of new targeted prospects;
•    Present to studios and streaming platforms France’s strengths regarding the localization of feature film and TV production: tax incentives, physical studios and other infrastructures, diversity of landscapes, talent and know-how;
•    Represent the French Film Commission and secure public speaking opportunities at industry events in the US (such as the American Film Market);
•    Connect demand with CNC’s French-based Film France team;
•    Assist in the curation and the organization of the “French Experience” event in Los Angeles mid-November in collaboration with CNC - Film France and IFEU-VA: ensure the attendance of appropriate contacts, both for the VIP lunch and the B2B meetings, participate in the matchmaking between the French professionals of the delegation and relevant US prospects;
•    Support Film France team in marketing its Cannes festival programming (panels and talks) and setting meetings with US prospects during the festival;
•    Design and organize other actions (either digital or in-person) to promote France to US studios and streaming platforms as a destination for feature film and TV production.


The mission will include the delivery of the following documents:
-    Monthly update and debriefings about actions taken and meetings with industry leaders;
-    A final detailed contact and prospect list;
-    A report due at the end of the mission presenting the development strategy of the US industry players, the perception of France by American studios and platforms (strengths and weaknesses with regard to the support of international productions, potential evolutions of the tax rebate), and recommendations on actions to be taken by the CNC - Film France and IFEU-VA teams.


-    Industry veteran with 10+ years of experience in the movie and/or tv business in the US in general and in Los Angeles in particular with direct access to top decision-makers;
-    A knowledge of the French ecosystem and support for international productions is a plus;
-    A working-knowledge of French would be appreciated but is not mandatory.

The candidate must not have a conflict of interest in representing other countries or cities in the same capacity.  
The candidate must be able to legally work in the US and must be present in California during the mission.
The mission does not need to be full-time but will require a greater time investment in the weeks leading to the “French Experience” event (mid-September to mid-November). 


•    Total budget: 200 000 $ maximum
The total budget should include all estimated expenses (travel, accommodation outside LA if necessary, tickets to industry events, event planning expenses…).
Note that outside the fees related to the independent contractor’s contribution, the financing of the “French Experience” event mid-November will be managed directly by the Film & TV department of Villa Albertine.

•    Length of the mission:

The duration of the mission will:
-    depend on the plan of actions proposed by the candidate and the related budget;
-    last at least until end of May 2024 to encompass the 2024 Cannes Festival;
-    last no longer than one year total following the signature date.

•    Terms and conditions

The proposal will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
-    Methodology for delivering the services for each phase and objective of the mission: 40 pts
-    Expertise and competency: 30 pts
-    Total cost and breakdown of the budget 30 pts

Location of the mission: Los Angeles with potential travels within the US.

The contract will be signed under US law.


Applications should include the following elements:
-    Resume 
-    Letter of intention
-    Business development proposal including:
o    Mandatory: presentation of the global prospection strategy and a first list of priority prospect targets, 
o    Optional depending on the proposal: industry events to attend, calendar of potential actions 
-    Detailed budget estimate including fees and expenses
Applications should be sent in electronic format only at: cc/


Termination at will, at any time, upon prior written notice.

Selection process and calendar

•    Wednesday May 31, 2023, at 12pm PST: closing of the call for proposal 
•    June 19-30, 2023: interviews with pre-selected candidates by the CNC and IFEU-VA
•    Mid-July: notification of the selected candidate
•    August (early September the latest): start of the mission