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Mimosa Echard

Plastic artist
November-December 2022

Camille Vivier

Mimosa Echard

  • Visual Arts
  • Miami


Mimosa Echard is interested in the creation of hybrid ecosystems where living and inanimate matter, and human and non-human life forms coexist. Her work explores the areas of contact and contamination between organic objects and consumer products, two categories our cultural conventions sometimes consider ambiguous, even contradictory.


When we view her work, we are first surprised by these varied objects, and then fascinated by the secret interactions between these forms and substances. This community of objects gradually frees itself from the artist’s hands, becoming fluid and independent.


Echard’s work has been included in both personal and group exhibitions in world-renowned institutions such as the Collection Lambert, in Avignon (2021); the Australian Center for Contemporary Art in Melbourne (2020); the Musée d’art moderne, in Paris (2019); Kunstverein, in Dortmund (2019); Platform-L Contemporary Art Center, in Seoul (2018); the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris (2017, 2019); and the Cell Project Space Gallery in London (2017).


Her works are included in the collections of major institutions such as the Centre national d’art contemporain (CNAP), the Musée d’art moderne, the Louis Vuitton Foundation, and Lafayette Anticipations – Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette, in Paris; the Samdani Art Foundation, in Dhaka; the Museo Ettore Fico, in Turin; and the Institut d’art contemporain (IAC), in Villeurbanne.


She is currently at work on a personal exhibition, to be held at Palais de Tokyo in April 2022.

For my project, “Naked Bathroom,” I wish to explore the notion of fluidity in an environment that is very much contrived, the city of Miami. I would like to study the layering of symbols, whether social or political, between the city and water, the body and advertising, infinity and domestic space. In parallel to this aesthetic research, I intend to talk with biologists from the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Miami, who work on sea-life sexuality, especially that of amphibians.

I will be living in Miami to immerse myself in the singular culture of a city whose image is characterized by the sea and shopping malls. This location will also make it easier for me to travel regularly to the Everglades National Park to study the region’s endemic amphibian species, including amphiuma means and siren lacertina.

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Palais de Tokyo

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