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Performances by French Playwright & Performer Clyde Chabot


Clyde Chabot seated at a table holding up a black and white photo

March 16-19 & March 24-25

French playwright and performer Clyde Chabot presents “Sicilia,” “Tunisia,” “Chicago-reconstitution,” and “A Soldier’s Daughter” at Emory University and the University of Notre Dame.

Join us for a series of performances by French artist Clyde Chabot. Chabot is an author, artistic director, and performer for the French theatre company La Communauté inavouable, founded in 1992. She directs multidisciplinary performances involving actors, musicians, dancers, videographers, and amateurs; during her performances, the spectators serve as accomplices, witnesses, or even actors.

Sicilia covers the history of migrations in Chabot’s family, who left Sicily at the end of the 19th century for the United States, Tunisia, and then France. 

With Tunisia, she revisits her family history of migration, from Sicily towards Tunisia and then France, inviting each person to plunge into their own memory and to question migratory flow, the fear and the desire towards the other, and our representation of foreigners.

Chicago-reconstitution is the story of the premature birth of Chabot’s daughter in the United States in 2002. The medical world, the worries, the joys and the potentials associated with the birth of this fragile being suddenly arise in a country that is not theirs.

Fille de militaire / A Soldier’s Daughter: “My father is military, a low-ranking soldier. Here I am humorously questioning how this may have affected my personality.” -Clyde Chabot

Emory University Performance Schedule

All performances at Emory will be free but ticketed. Please register here in advance.

  • Wednesday, March 16, 6pm & 8pm | Sicilia (in English) Convocation Hall
  • Thursday, March 17, 6pm | Tunisia (in French) | White Hall 208
  • Friday, March 18, 7pm | Chicago-reconstitution (in English) | Math Science Building N306
  • Friday, March 18, 8pm | A Soldier’s Daughter (in English) | White Hall 208
  • Saturday, March 19, 7pm | Chicago-reconstitution (in French) | Math Science Building N306
  • Saturday, March 19, 8pm | Fille de Militaire (in French) | White Hall 208

Parking available at the Oxford Road Parking Lot, 1390 Oxford Road NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30322. There will be signs to direct you to each of the performance locations.

University of Notre Dame Performance Schedule

All performances at Notre Dame will be free but ticketed. Please register here in advance.

  • Thursday, March 24, 6pm | Sicilia (in French) | Legends Club
  • Thursday, March 24, 7:30pm | Tunisia (in French) | Bond Hall 104
  • Friday, March 25, 6pm | Sicilia (in English) | Legends Club
  • Friday, March 25, 7:30pm | Sicilia (in English) | Legends Club

As the performances are open to the community and involve food and drink, please note that Notre Dame ID or proof of vaccination will be required for these events per the Notre Dame Gatherings Policy.

Clyde Chabot works through the framework of the theatre company The Communauté inavouable, created in 1992. She stages texts from contemporary authors and, since 2005, her own texts on the dysfunction of love (Another Medea, Time of boys), political utopias and the fall of utopias (How the body is touched), identity and origins (Sicilia [Famiglia Mia], Tunisia, Chicago-reconstitution, A Soldier’s daughter, His Singularities), friendship (Childhood’s friend). She mixes various art forms (music, dance, video…), considering theatre as an art welcoming others to receive a text from the author, as shared through the performer to the public.

The Communauté Inavouable presents its projects in France and abroad as part of long-term partnerships. It has run educational and awareness workshops since its origin (college, high school, prison, hospital, library, community center, etc.).

© Cécile Le Trung

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